As a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, food fanatic, farmers’ daughter, and former farmers’ market manager, you can say I’m kind of obsessed with how we as humans interact with food.

Whether you are looking for recipes and healthy eatings guidance, a beginner’s guide to nutrition labels, or are in need of a complete lifestyle change, let’s talk.

I create programs unique for each client, and never will one person have the same protocols as another. Even two people with the same goals will have different regimens simply because all of our bodies, likes and dislikes, and budgets are different! 

Personalized Grocery Lists

Fridge & Pantry Makeover

Personalized Recipes

Meal Prep and Planning

Nutrition Labels 101

Reducing Waste 101

Matcha Workshops

and more!



Growing up, I was always going to yoga and aerobics classes with my mom. I then went on to be a dancer, and later became a 500-HR certified yoga instructor, spin instructor, human performance for athletes trainer, and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Fitness & Wellness.

Movement is my way of expressing myself, and I’ve found it to be both a healing and energizing tool for many people – athletes, moms, CEO’s, and everyone in between.

My goals as a movement coach are to help you better optimize your life. We’re not going to force you into splits (unless that’s your goal!), but we will make sure that your golf swing gets better, that you have tools for when your back starts aching, and that you create habits that will enhance your mood, physique, mentality and life.

Yoga and Meditation

Athletic Team Human Performance

Individual Athlete Training

Optimizing Everyday Movements

Yoga for Athletes

Events – Bridal shower, Bachelorette Yoga, Birthdays, etc.

Yoga for Kids, Teens and Families

and more!



With a Bachelor’s in Advertising and a passion for giving unsolicited grammar advice, I took my talents all over the map. I’ve written for Domino’s, XBox, Kraft, SkinnyFit, doctors, lawyers, yoga corporations and teachers, CBD companies, farmers’ markets and laundromats.

To say I’ve done it all is an understatement.

My skills go beyond quirky headlines and heart-tugging blogs, though. I enjoy creating. From helping you build your brand to brainstorming logo ideas, let’s join forces.

Let’s create together.

Website Copy


Social Media Calendars

Newsletter Copy

Resume Sprucing Up

Ghost Writing

LinkedIn Biographies

and more!