M.S. in Human Performance – Liberty University (Expected 2020 Graduate)

Fitness & Wellness focus

Human Performance for Athletes Trainer under Katherine Roberts

300HR RYT under Jenny Van De-Hei Secor

Yoga for Athletes Trainer under Kimberly Fowler

200HR RYT under Baptiste Yoga

301 Mastery of Empowered Leadership under Baptiste Yoga

Art of Assisting Program under Baptiste Yoga


Private Instruction

Athlete and Athletic Team Coaching

Corporate Classes

Yoga Teacher Training Assistant

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Studio Classes

Every yoga studio provides its own, unique vibration. Whether  you specialize in hot yoga, meditatation or a little bit of everything, I would love to join your team of teachers.

For studio rates and more information,     contact me.

Athletic Performance

When athletes breathe better, they move better. When they move better, they feel better and ultimately, they perform better. My work is to help team’s and individual athlete’s optimize what they are already doing well. In doing so, we will strengthen areas of weakness and increase body-mind awareness.

Private Guidance

When you have specific goals, are dealing with injuries, need a physical outlet for an emotional experience or just want some one-on-one instruction, private guidance can help with creating a long-lasting yoga, meditation and pranayama practice.