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What is it?

Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant. Despite confusion, it is not CBD nor THC. Hemp are the small seeds of the plant.

What’s it for?

~ FIBER. Hemp is a great source of fiber, which helps ease digestion. This also allows the body to more easily extract the nutrients and amino acids available.

~ PROTEIN. There’s a reason this mighty little seed is often used as a plant protein. Whole hemp seeds are roughly 25% protein, and hemp meal roughly 40% protein!

~ OMEGA 3s! Yes, this leetol seed packs a punch of Omega 3s! Not only do Omega 3s help with cardiovascular health, but they also help reduce inflammation. Hemp seed oil is the best way to obtain hemp-derived Omega 3s.

How to make it/consume it?

I have three favorite ways to consume hemp!

1) Sprinkled on pasta in place of parmesan

2) Blended into smoothies

3) Homemade hemp milk!

Where can I find it?

Hemp can be found in most grocery stores as shelled, ground or whole seeds. You can also find it in many plant-based protein powder blends.

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