What is it?

🍃Ashwagandha is a root plant part of the nightshade family. Its fruit, leaves and roots have been used for medicinal properties for over 2,500 years! It’s been said to have ‘the strength of a stallion’ and its name actually means horse smell (lol). 

In Sanskrit, ashva means horse and gandha means smell. 

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body maintain homeostasis. So, when you hear adaptogen, think adapt. Certain herbs, roots and plants help the body to better navigate external stressors, and are therefore considered powerful adaptogens.

What’s it for?

🧭 There’s something to be said for a root plant that’s been used for thousands of years! Here are three reasons why:


Yes, one of Aswhagandha’s most notable benefits is its ability to reduce overall stress and anxiety, as well as depression! One study found a 55% decrease in overall anxiety when nutrition counseling and deep breathing exercises were supplemented with Ashwagandha, in comparison to a placebo group who experienced a 30% decrease (they also had nutrition and breath work). That means Ashwagandha contributed to roughly 25% of the anxiety reduction!


Ashwagandha has been known to help regulate and improve thyroid functions. Thyroid health is so important since it controls thyroid hormones, which control metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature.


Ashwagandha has shown to protect against brain cell degeneration. This helps to improve memory and overall cognitive function, and protect against free radicals that cause aging. Now that’s a benefit I think we could all use.

How to make it/consume it?

🍃Ashwagandha is most commonly found in powder and oil form. I personally have it in powder form and like to add it to my smoothies and my favorite Hormone Balancing Drink. It does not have a horse taste, like the name insinuates, but I also haven’t tried it by itself. I never notice in when mixed in my drinks and smoothies, though!

Where can I find it?

📍 Not surprisingly, this buzzy adaptogen is fairly accessible. I’ve seen it at Whole Foods, Home Goods, and of course, online. To purchase the one I have, head to my Products page. Easy, peasy!