What is it?

⚡️  If you’re thinking ‘nut, duh!’ Hold up! Almonds are actually a type of drupe nut, closely related to a very small stone fruit. They have multiple layers which is why sometimes you may see shelled almonds (think of those delicious Marcona almonds$$$)

What’s it for?

🧭 Always be wary of consuming too many nuts, especially in this nut butter/nut milk frenzy we are in a whirlwind of. In conscious amounts, almonds are incredible sources of:

~ MUFAs! Monounsaturated fatty acids. Our bodies need these, and they help with things like inflammation, and can help to reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides.

~ Healthy Weight. While nuts are often said to be fattening, in the right amounts they actually help with the exact opposite. Because they’re nutrient dense, almonds help you feel full faster and longer. Because you’re more likely to feel satisfied longer, you’re less likely to experience the ups and downs of cravings that unsatisfying snacking brings. 

~ Skin health! A great source of vitamin E and antioxidants, which both fight oxidative stress (wrinkles and dry skin) and inflammation (redness, puffiness).

How to make it/consume it?

⚡️ Almonds are delicious solo, crushed over salads or oatmeals, you can even roast them and dress them however you like – salty, sweet, spicy! Almond milk is all the rage now, and it’s SO beyond easy to make yourself. If you hate wasting all the leftover pulp, simply dry and grind into a flour! I swear it is all so much easier than it sounds. I have story highlights on my page that you an peep for step-by-step guidance.

Where can I find it?

📍Farmers’ markets are my go-to, or you can order in bulk online. Shop my products page for the best bulk almonds deal!