Homemade Nut Milk – Hemp

If you’re new to making your own nut milk, you’ve started in the right place. 

The first time I made nut milk, I tried to make almond milk. It’s now my favorite and my go-to, but the first time wasn’t as glorious. 

For most nut milks, you need a nut milk bag. This will catch all the pulp or nut ‘meat’ that you don’t necessarily want to drink. You totally can drink it, as I learned, but it does not make for the smoothest, most delicious milk. On my first go at almond milk, I used a cheese cloth, which does NOT catch all the meat. So yeah, as you can imagine, I drank all that freaking pulp. It was unpleasant solo, so most of it was used in smoothies. 

But hemp milk on the other hand, oh what an angel child in comparison. Hemp milk is like a quick-fix nut milk gift from God. When you don’t have two and a half hours to spare for some almond milk, hemp milk is a great (and easy) alternative. All you need is hemp seeds, water and a high-speed blender. 

If you’re like me and you like your drinks unsweetened and earthy to the point of almost dirty tasting, then you don’t need to add anything to your hemp milk. If you do not like that, then add vanilla, some coconut sugar or dates to sweeten it up. 


1/2 cup Hemp Seeds

4 Cups of Water

Pinch of salt

Sweetener (optional)



Add hemp seeds and water to a high-speed blender. 

Blend on high speed for about two minutes. I don’t do this precisely, I just glance at the microwave until about two minutes have passed or until impatient enough.

If you’re adding sweetener, add and then blend for another thirty seconds or so.

Pour into a large jar or a few mason jars and keep in the fridge until use.

I can’t really say how long the milk will last for, I usually finish mine within 3-5 days.  I hope you like it so much that you do, too!

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