Homemade Nut Milk – Almond

This recipe will change your life. 

If you’ve never had real almond milk, then you are in for a treat. Who would’ve thuought that all those expensive, Whole Foods almond milks would be so full of shit?

Not me! 

I’ve never liked dairy. I grew up on Soy Milk. Once I learned about all the negative effects of over-consumption and how GMO-infested soy crops are, I switched to almond milk. It felt like such a revival. Wow, I’m so much healthier now.


Did you know most store-bought almond milks contain less than 2% of actual almonds? So lame. They’re also full of gums and preservatives. Why?! So that they can stay on the shelf longer, waiting to be bought without a worry in the world. 

Your own, homemade almond milk on the other hand, will go bad because it’s real. I have never run into the issue of my nut milks going bad, though, because they’re always used up within 3 – 5 days.

Yes, they’re THAT good. Almond milk requires a bit more work, but I promise it is worth it. 

Note:  Wondering what to do with all that almond pulp?? Spread it out onto a baking sheet and bake for 2-3 hours on about 170°F or on whatever the lowest your oven will go. Be sure to move it around every half hour to forty-five minutes or so. Once it’s completely dried, remove from oven and place in a sealed container (bowl, jar, etc.) and keep refrigerated. You can use as is or you can grind and sift to make a finer flour.


2 cups of Almonds

6 Cups of Water

Pinch of Sea Salt (optional)

Vanilla (optional)

Sweetener (optional)


High-Speed Blender

Nut Milk bag


Step 1: Add almonds to a bowl or jar and fill with water so that all the almonds are submerged.

Let sit for 2 hours

Step 2: Rinse and drain almonds.

Step 3: Add 1 cup of almonds and 2 1/2 – 4 cups of water to a high-speed blender. Blend on high for about 2 minutes. I stay pretty true to those two minutes. 

Step 4: Little by little, strain through a nut milk bag into a large bowl. It may get messy at first, but you’ll soon find a rhythm that works for you. Continue to strain little by little until all of the milk has been quenched from the nut milk bag. 

Pour into a resealable jar or container. 

Repeat steps Step 1 – 4 until almonds are used up.

(Optional) If adding sweetener, vanilla or salt, add to the jar and shake well. 

Keep refrigerated until use. 


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