Peachy. Matcha. Drank.

There are no secrets to this one, it’s pretty straight forward. Peaches, Matcha, Milk or Coconut water.

If you don’t love peach season, do you even have a soul? Peaches are, like, summer’s mascot when it comes to fruits. Though, geez, I do fucking love figs. We’ll allow peaches to win this round, for sake of the recipe.

And yes, the added geez is a side-effect of re-watching Rick & Morty. If you have not watched Rick & Morty or you do not like Rick & Morty, I think you can kindly hit the X in the top corner of this tab and see yourself out.


1 cup Milk (I want Hemp this time, but I think a coconut water would be a delightful replacement)

1-2 large skinned Peaches or 2-3 small ones (I went with yellow peaches)

1 tsp chia seeds

*If you like your drinks a bit sweeter, add in a bit of honey or 100% real maple syrup.



Skin your peaches.

Add milk or water to blender, followed by the peaches and then chia seeds.

Blend on medium speed until no peach pieces remain.

Serve and enjoy!

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