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Ritual Ritual

What better AM ritual than Ritual itself? 

I’ve been told since I was about 12 years old that I should be taking a daily multivitamin, and later, once I was about 16 I was told I should be taking a women’s daily vitamin. Key words being ‘should be’. Something in my gut was telling me these pills I was being recommended were not good for me, though. I don’t know if it was the fact that it felt like I was being medicated, the smelly, dusty coatings or that it actually didn’t settle well in my gut.

Either way, I’ve gone all these years not listening to my mother or my doctors. Until, alas, there was a woman who was on a mission to settle the argument between doctors and daughters everywhere. Ritual multivitamin was born.

It is a clean, digestible, well-sourced daily vitamin that doesn’t smell or feel bad in my body. Made with just nine ingredients, you can actually go onto their website and see where in the world these ingredients come from. And it’s got allll the good kind of labels: No GMO’s, Gluten & Allergen Free, Vegan, No Weird Colors or Fillers and made right here in the US of A!

So what are these magical ingredients you ask?

  • Vitamin K2 (Norway) for Healthy Skin, Bone Health and Heart Health
  • Vitamin D3 (UK) Bone Health, Immune Support and Cognition
  • Vitamin B12 (USA) Brain Function, Nerve Function and Energy
  • Boron (USA) Bone Health, Joint Health and Hormone Support
  • Iron (USA) Brain Health, Energy and Blood Building
  • Vitamin E (Argentina) Antioxidant Actions, Healthy Skin and Anti-Aging
  • Magnesium (Italy) Calmness, Heart Health and Bone Support
  • Folate (Italy) Mood, DNA Synthesis and Brain Health
  • Omega-3 (USA) Immune Support, Heart Health and Brain Health
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