Home, sweet home. There is nowhere I love more than Miami. New York is a close second. Very, very close; but still, second. There is no energy like Miami. There are no people as lively, loud, or as fun. It’s just a fact. While a haphazard, offbeat culture, Miami offers up a particular style of living that cannot be beat. Meals at any hours of the day, if not ones that last the entire day. Mucho café. Language. Style. Heat.

H-U-M-I-D-I-T-Y. Yes, I love and miss it. Not the mosquitos, though, those bastards can scram.

Each visit home is different. Still, there are rituals. I always make sure to dance or go to yoga with my mom. My sister and I always venture for tea or play videogames of sorts. And my dad and I always, always dig deep into our Italian roots, drinking and eating our nights away. 

Cade and I did a lot while we were in Miami. Mostly things revolved around food.

Here are the spots we made rituals out of this time:

FloYo – Coral Gables

Originally Bala Vinyasa, later Green Monkey, and now, FloYo is where I received my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. This place will always be special to me. I not only got to take class with two of my favorite teachers (Hi, Cassie & Jenaia!!) I also got to host my Rituals for the New Year workshop here! It was so fun. There were crystals, intention-setting, meditating and lots of love exchanged.

This is a great spot for hot, fast-paced yoga as well as an all-around great community for anyone new to yoga.

Body & Soul – Coral Gables

I grew up going to Body & Soul with my mom. Whether I was forced to Zumba with her or happily going to drop it low with Jay <3, it will always be a piece of home. A long time friend, dance teacher and mentor, Jay Marcos passed away over Thanksgiving of 2017. His death was one of those that hits you in waves in the months that follow. It wasn’t real to me. We had one more dance together! I thought. So, while I was home I was lucky enough to attend a tribute class for him. All his songs played, and you could feel his big smile watching us meander through the room, not nearly as graceful as if he were guiding us. Love you, Jay.

Panther Coffee – Coconut Grove

Cade’s favorite spot for Nitro coffee! We went here almost every day, I think, with the exceptions of holiday closings. We popped in for tea, Nitro, lattés and for a cozy spot to work. Cozy it was not, though, they keep it freezing in there! Still, we’re loyal so we went back the next day to freeze and type and video edit away at our computers together. I must say, Cade and I are most dedicated to our caffeine rituals – whether coffee or matcha, we make sure to get to it.

GreenStreet Café – Coconut Grove

Did someone say P-A-N-Q-U-E-Q-U-E-S? While GreenStreet is not my favorite breakfast or brunch spot, they do a few things to perfection. One being their pancakes. They have gluten-free, protein, whole wheat and regular pancakes with almost any fruit or toppings you’d like. They even have cinnamon roll pancakes. WTF? Yup. They make decent oatmeal and good eggs. They have a lot of options for their omelettes too, so.. yum! We almost always make here when we’re home. Plus, it’s right down the street from Panther Coffee.


Glaser organic fARMers’ market – coconut grove

Saturday’s in the grove are poppin’ and if you know how to start, or end, it you know about the Coconut Grove Farmers’ Market. It has grown so much over the past few years, too! With Glaser Organic farms’ fresh produce, nut milks, bites and gelato, there is so much to see and eat. There are other vendors now serving up loose leaf tea, vegan doughnuts, raw desserts, handmade soaps, coconut water, tacos and more! While there, I got some maca powder, spirulina and echinacea tea.

Randazzo’s – Key Biscayne

Randazzo’s has been a family ritual for as long as I can remember. Mark Randazzo, the owner, is a true Italian signore, always spoiling us with extra food. We went on Christmas Eve Eve, so he made smelt and baccalá for good luck – both Italian Christmas rituals. Everything we had was amazing. Cade and my dad got the Spaghetti with baseball-sized (how fitting!) Meatballs and Sausage. Fiona got Cheese Ravioli and I went with Penne alla Vodka. Everything is so good there. You may want to whip out your strictly-for-trips-to-Italy pants for the next few days, though. Oh, you don’t have a pair of those? Well, you better invest if you want to try Randazzo’s to the fullest.

Check ’em out!

Sugarcane – Midtown

YUM! I love Sugarcane. Since it’s a tapas style restaurant, it fits perfectly with my love for four hour long dinners. Though, I think we got out of there in two. *eye roll* They make the ~BEST~ caipirinhas, which is my go-to drink when available. Not everyone carries cachaça, but the few that do usually know how to use it. Sugarcane has the perfect ambiance for an intimate date or a large, bustling family gathering. A must-eat if you’re in Midtown.

Lagniappe – Midtown

Another favorite of mine! This hodge-pode patio seating style wine bar is perfect for reunions with friends. (Cade and I really went for the meat & cheese though.) They make the best charcuterie boards! Fig spread, baguette slices, olives, your choice of meats and cheeses, the whole shabang. Sadly, by the time we made it the kitchen had closed. Mind you, we got there at 12:30 AM. Still, we enjoyed our bottle of wine with friends and ordered pizza from a nearby joint called Mamma Caruso’s. I kid you not, this was the best pizza in Miami. They have the thin New Yawk style we freaking love. On top of that, it was delivered to us at a wine bar. Paradise, I tell you.


I love you, Miami. <3

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