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Candle Night Ritual

Cade & I rented our first place together in 2015 in Pasadena, California. It was a frenzy of a moving day and my first real, “grown-up” job started the following morning to us moving in.

Needless to say, there was a lot going on. So much, that I forgot to turn on our electricity!

Woops.We moved in on a Sunday, a.k.a. we weren’t getting power until Wednesday. 

Thus birthed: Candle Night

Candle Night became our Sunday ritual – no lights after the sun set, just candles. It was our ode to move-in day, and a small stride toward saving by unplugging weekly. We love Candle Night. For my birthday last year, Cade bought me two of the BEST smelling Anthropologie candles. Yes, he did indeed find the best two.

How to Have a Successful Candle Night

Plan Ahead

The only thing to beware of on Candle Nights is getting anything that requires good lighting out of the way beforehand, like cooking. Burnt fingers is a sure way to ruin Candle Night. Have dinner at least on its way to being ready, pre-lights out. You’ll be glad you did, I speak from experience!

Pro-tip: Save bathing for post-sunset. There’s nothing better than a bath or shower by candlelight.

Space Out

Make sure to have candles in essential areas of the house – a few in each room you know you’ll be in throughout the night. For us, the kitchen, bathroom and living room are musts. Once we head to bed we’ll light a few or bring some in from another room until we’re ready to Zzz. It’s also nice to have a ‘portable’ candle that is easy to carry around if needed (i.e. one that isn’t too hot to hold!)

Scent Each Room

You know those candles you never light, afraid that you’ll use them up too quickly? Yeah, those are perfect for Candle Nights. Give each room a main scent and then add accent lights with small tea lights or unscented ones. (You can even make your own candles, recipe coming soon!)

There you have it, simple as that – Candle Night. I would love to hear stories or see pictures of how you’re enjoying Candle Nights! Tag me in your photos or #ShadyCandleNights. Happy Sunday! <3


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