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3 Tips for Lasting Rituals

3 Tips on How to Create Lasting Rituals

 1 – Try not to be location-bound

The best part about rituals is their grounding effect. Try and create rituals that you can fulfill anywhere. Especially for us nomads of the world, it’s not always easy to tell where we’ll be each day. There may be some that you prefer to do at home, (and that can be an exciting part of coming home after a long getaway!), though having rituals that you can perform anywhere is truly a special feeling – knowing that a piece of your daily life is transportable. Even seemingly location-specific rituals can be altered to be travel-friendly. If you like to start your morning at the ocean, but you’re in a landlocked area, try venturing to the mountains or practicing the same joys the beach brings you wherever you are, even in a bustling city. Whether the actual setting of your rituals are accesible or not, try and get to the root of your intention and go from there. If you go to the ocean to practice patience, perhaps try meditating on that notion with oceanic sounds, or writing down all the ways you practice patience, followed by the areas of your life that could improve by practicing patience.

2 – Hold yourself accountable

For me, writing a ritual down on my to-do list is a a great tool. If there’s a simple, enjoyable item on my checklist for the day, you better believe it’s getting done first and foremost. If that doesn’t work for you, ask a friend or family member to check in with you about how it went. Another way to be held accountable is through social media. If you mention in a story or post that you’re going to do something the next day, there’s a little bit of pressure to actually do it! For more personal accountability, write down a list of reasons as to why you want to implement this particular ritual. What kind of positivity will it bring you? What unfavorable feelings or aspects of your life will it rid you of? When you have concrete, positive effects of your rituals, they’re easier to follow through with.

3 – Less rules!

When I first committed to meditation, I decided 1 hour per day would be a good start. As expected, it never. got. done. EVER. Once I narrowed my meditation ritual down to ‘just do it’ rather than giving it a set duration, I was much more successful. Give yourself space to succeed, not to be an overachiever (yet!). When we implement rituals, they’re meant to enhance our daily lives, not add to the stressors. Start out with flexible guidelines for your rituals, and then if you want, over time you can challenge yourself with parameters. This way, you’re more focused on the actual ritual rather than any particular outcome. Be sure to enjoy them! Otherwise, they’re just another task on the to-do list. Boo!!

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How do you keep up with rituals? Share with me!


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